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Rcc Hume Pipe 300 mm to 1600 mm np2 class np3

Rcc Hume Pipe 300 mm to 1600 mm np2 class np3


Classification & Recommended locations for placements: Class Description Conditions Where Normally Used .

NP-2 Reinforced Concrete, Light Duty, Non-Pressure Pipes For Drainage and Irrigation use, for Cross Drains/Culverts carrying Light Traffic.

NP-3 Reinforced Concrete, Medium Duty, Non-Pressure Pipes For Drainage and Irrigation use, for Cross Drains/Culverts carrying Medium Traffic.

NP-4 Reinforced Concrete, Heavy Duty, Non-Pressure PipesFor Drainage and Irrigation use, for Cross Drains/Culverts carrying Heavy Traffic.


Name of product ( pipe)

  • Spun pipe
  • RCC cement pipe
  • RCC cement Spun pipe
  • Reinforced concrete pipe
  • Precast concrete pipe
  • Sewage cement pipe
  • Reinforced cement pipe
  • RCC hume pipe
  • Cement pipe
  • Cement concrete pipe
  • Agriculture cement pipe

Sizes Available

  • Class NP-2 (S&S Type)150MM to 1600MM
  • Class NP-3 (Flush Joints)300MM to 1200MM
  • Class NP-3 (S&S Type) 150MM to 1800MM
  • Class NP-4 (Flush Joints)300MM to 1200MM
  • Class NP-4 (S&S Type)100MM to 1800MM

Product Specifications

  • Specifications for RCC, Spun Hume Pipes
  • The RCC Hume pipes are classified mainly into different varieties as Class NP1, NP2, NP3, NP4, P1, P2, P3 depending on the type of load pressure that they are designed to withstand.
  • We at RCc PIPE WORKS manufacture and supply pipes of any of these classes according to the need of our clients. The sizes of pipes available are from 100 mm diameter to 1600 mm diameter.
  • We are manufacturer of RCC, SPUN, HUME pipes and precast products. These pipes are Construction Pipes and are also known as as RCC Hume Pipes, Hume Pipes, Spun Pipes , RCC Pipes or Concrete Pipes.
  • * RCC HUME PIPES are nothing but Reinforced Cement concrete Pipes and are used in the fields of water supply in agriculture, drainage in the industries, passing water and wastewater under bridges and protecting tele communication and other cables.
  • * RCC HUME PIPES are mostly used to carry water from one place to the other for agricultural or drainage purpose or road crossing. RCC pipes also perform the task of protecting telecommunication or telephone cables that are laid under the ground from the pressure exerted by passing vehicles. They ultimately impart sturdiness to the concrete structure.
  • The applications include Road Culverts, Railway Culverts, Drainage systems and Agriculture Water Pipes.

Manufacture & Testing

  • The procedure and method of manufacture and testing the pipes
  • The * RCC HUME PIPES are manufactured using premium quality materials in various dimensions and weights in compliance with international quality standards. These pipes can also be customized as per the requirements detailed by the clients. The clients can select from us an extensive range of pipes that are known for durability, strength and reliability. These pipes are manufactured using cement, sand, aggregate and steel.
  • We, are mfg RCC Hume pipes by the spun process. The spun proces involves casting the RCC pipes by compacting concrete together with the embedded steel reinforcement in moulds with centrifugal force by revolving the molds using a prime mover such as a motor or an engine.
  • The personnel employed by us are well qualified, dedicated and experienced professionals who meet the required standards of work. The company has experts in various fields on its panel to ensure that we meet the specific requirements of our clients.
  • The quality of RCC pipes is determined by the Hydraulic pressure test and the Three edge bearing test.
  • The Hydraulic Pressure Test is conducted by applying water pressure from a pump to the pipe in a sate of having covered the pipe on all sides to determine the amount of pressure the pipe withstands before the pipe leaks. The pipe quality is approved if the tested pressure is compatible with the ISI specifications.
  • The three Edge bearing Test is conducted by applying load on the pipe through a jack until the pipe gets cracked. The pipe passes the test if the load conditions specified as per the IS specification are satisfied.

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  • RCC Hume Pipe 02

  • RCC Hume Pipe 03

  • RCC Hume Pipe 04