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PCC Poles

PCC Poles

We are in production of pre-stressed cement concrete poles required in electrical distribution systems (LT/ 11 Kv/ 33 Kv distribution lines). We are equipped with high quality standardized plant and machinery. The poles manufactured conform to the IS Standard specification.

Name of PCC Poles

  • Electric poles
  • Electric poles 9mtr 200 kg
  • PCC Poles 9mtr 400 kg
  • Electric cement poles
  • PCC electric poles
  • Jaipur discom 9mtr 200 kg
  • Cement Light poles rajasthan
  • JVVNL 9mtr 200 kg
  • PSCC cement poles
  • PCC poles

What we Offer?

  • We offer PCC Poles (pre-stressed cement concrete) of the following specifications:
  • 9 meter 200kg & 9 meter 400 kg - JVVNL, JdVVNL & AVVNL - Rajasthan Govt. specification
  • These prestress cement concrete ( PCC ) poles are also used for maintaining the different electricity distribution needs . These PCC poles are essentially made of concrete which are inevitably less costly and more economically maintainable than the conventional steel poles. They are of two types depending upon the end use of poles-low tensile and high tensile line. The latter is primarily used for transmission/distribution of electricity. These poles come in 8mtr, 9mtr & 11mtr length and 200 kg to 400 kg working load capacity .
  • Raw material used :High tensile wireCementGalvanized iron wireStone aggregate

Manufacturing process :

Prestress cement concrete poles are essentially made of concrete. High tensile wire is inserted into the pre-designed moulds and stretched to reach a certain tension . Galvanized wire is fixed inside the mould for earthing following which a right proportion of concrete mix is poured. Then , the concrete is compacted through vibration to produce high strength concrete poles.

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